Management Philosophy:

  •  IDAC stands for "I"nflammatory "D"iseases "A"nd "C"ancer, and called “Ai-Dakku”. The word of “theranostics” is the neologism introduced by the ex-Chief Secretary of FDA in the US from the words “therapy” and “diagnostics” with a prayer where both function of collaborative work will provide more meaningful results for patients. We share the same wish and incarnate this wish to be realistic, that’s why we use the same word in our company’s name.

    Inflammatory diseases cover almost every disease. Since we have not have power to carry-out every diseases as our target disease to tackle, we focus our R&D effort to tackle to incurable diseases, so called un-met medical needs.

    Having big challenges against to find ways to treat incurable diseases, we will endeavor our effort to find means and development for solution to the problems. Collaboration with Japanese academies and pharmaceutical companies, as well as foreign entities will be taken assertively and provide fruitful results into patients. Licensing of the humanized anti-CD4 mAb rights to us from Kyowa-Hakko-Kirin (KHK) has signed already and other collaborations with academies in Japan also have been started already.

    As our first challenging targets to tackle, we list two unmet medical needs, such as solid tumor projects and HIV eradication project. We are the very small company, therefore, we will concentrate for collaboration with experts in these fields. This way will provide more fruits for patients.

  • Company Summary

  • Name
    IDAC Theranostics, Inc.
    Apr 2 2012
    JPY394.5M (at 2016/7/1)
    Mizuho Bank,Mitsubishi-Tokyo-UFJ-BANK,Japan Finance Corporation
    Board Member
    President and C.E.O. & C.T.O. : Satoru Ito
    Director C.F.O. : Jun Kanma
    Director : Shinichi Kamachi
    Director : Tetsumasa Yamada
    Auditor : Masahiko Fujita
    Adviser : Syunsuke Goto
    Adviser : Akiyoshi Okuda

    HQ:The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza, 7-3-1, Hongo,   Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 113-0033                                            
    Y-Labo: Tsurumi-ku,Yokohama-city,Kanagawa, Japan
    TEL:+81-3-3830-0816   FAX:+81-3-3830-0817

  • Access Map

  • Our company is located in the building called “The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza” in the Hongo-campus of the University of Tokyo. Thus our company is an originated from the exporting IP of the University of Tokyo, however, we energize our effort to patient’s merit.



    From Marunouchi-line "Hongo-sanchome" 3min, From Toei Oedo-line "Hongo-sanchome" 2min.