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We would like to introduce our pipeline.

  • Pipeline
    Our pipeline is as follows:

    (i) At first, we nominate humanized anti-CD4 mAb with potelligent® technology [NOTE] enhancing ADCC more than 100 times for several disease area as our target.

    This technology has been developed by Kyowa Hakko Kirin (KHK) and integrated to our antibody (IT1208).


    1. Cancer
    Cancer itself is in an immunodeficiency status, therefore the function of CD8 T-cell is diminished. The immunodeficiency is caused by invaded CD4 T cell in tumor.
    Therefore, we propose CD4+ T-cell depletion by our anti-CD4 mAb with enhanced ADCC activity to activate CD8-positive T-cells in tumor.

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    2. GVHD
    Allo-HSCT is an essential way to cure hematological malignancy.
    However, severe GVHD is drawback. In order to avoid this sever side effect much effort has been carried out, such as by immune-suppressive agents.
    Although immune-suppressive agents can reduce rejection of transplantation, anti-tumor activity also is diminished.
    Here we propose that depletion of CD4-positive T cells from donor can reduce GVHD, but maintain GVT/GVL activity.

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    3. Inflammation
    In autoimmune disease, there are many publications dealing with involvement of CD4-positive cells.
    We assume that this field is also our fruitful target field.

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    4. Diagnostics
    Reagents: Integration of therapeutic and diagnostic approach should be accelerated to provide better medical benefit to patients.
    We have been searching biomarkers reflecting anti-CD4mAb efficacy of immunotherapy for solid tumor patients. Thus, we will be active in this field in future, too.

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    5. Others

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    (ii) Other inflammatory related molecules, such as chemokine and chemokine receptors, are our next candidates for target of development as antibody-based medicines.

    (iii) Contract research work is also active based on the IVV technology. We have been working on with pharmaceutical’s requirement.

    [note] For more information about POTELLIGENT ® technology, please visit.
    ※ Kyowa Hakko Kirin Global Site (potelligent® technology)

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