Humanized anti-CD4 antibody project

  • Development of a humanized anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody with enhanced ADCC activity utilizing POTELLIGENT® technology licensed from Kyowa Hakko Kirin
  • Cell culture, purification, and formulation conducted to GMP standards
  • Safety testing conducted to GLP standards using Cynomolugus monkeys
  • After negotiation with Japanese Government agency PMDA, a physician-driven phase I clinical trial currently underway with the support of the Japanese Government agency AMED


Phenylphtalimide project

  • Targeted to multiple myeloma patients
  • Despite the introduction of new drugs in recent years, these lack efficacy in the so-called “high-risk” group of patients.
  • R&D activities are ongoing to develop innovative medicines that are also effective in high-risk group patients.


HBV project

  • The introduction of nucleos(t)ide analogs treatments has enabled control of the inflammatory conditions associated with HBV, but complete cure of HBV will not be achieved without elimination of the HBV-cccDNA that remains in infected hepatocytes
  • This project is supported by the Japanese Government agency AMED.
  • This project has identified host genes responsible for maintaining HBV genes using single cell transcriptome analysis technology.
  • An interactome network between the identified host genes will be used to visualize mechanism of action and to design inhibitors using the IVV method.